Terms & Conditions


A minimum of 24 hours (one day)

Driving License

Driver should hold a valid driving license since at least one year

Minimum Age

The minimum age of driver is 21 years old


Cash or accepted credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club) at the time of delivery. The exchanges rates applied by Car Rental Mauritius -Dodo Contract Cars Ltd is as follows: 1 EURO = MUR 41.50, 1 USD = MUR 35, 1 GBP = MUR 55
A compulsory deposit of EURO 625 (For Category A, B, C and D) and EURO 825 (for Cat E and F) is payable in the event of an accident and damages to the vehicle. This is taken as a security deposit by an imprint of the customer’s credit card in such a case. Provided that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as hired out, no transaction will be processed.
The amount is NOT banked; it just acts as a guarantee in case of accident at fault. For minor damages (e.g: scratches, mirror damage, tyres) these will charged according to a repair chart, and not charged on the security deposit.

Vehicle Insurance

Cars are covered by a fully comprehensive insurance policy. In the unlikely event of an accident, the hirer is responsible for the first EURO 625 (for Car Category A, B, C and D); this amount may be reduced to EURO 290 by payment of an extra daily charge of EURO 17 (vat included) for collision damage waiver (CDW). For Cat E and F the Deposit is EURO 825 and with a daily CDW charge of EURO 17 (vat included) per day, this deposit is reduced to EURO 450.

Our Rates Include

Unlimited Mileage – allows you to travel as much as you like
24hrs service assistance
Delivery and Recovery throughout the island

Our Rates Exclude

Extra Hour price for car rental is Rs.207 (vat included)
Fuel and refueling charges

Traffic Violation

Use of a hand held mobile phone when driving, excess speeding, drink and drive, no seat belts. The compulsory deposit of Euro 625 (for Cat A, B, C and D) or Euro 825 (for Cat E and F) in case of accident at fault or damaged caused to the car.

Car Rental Insurance Deposit Procedure

Why hire a Car with us

Each 24 hour car rental comes with unlimited mileage, so you can explore as much as you can within one day.

Get your hire car delivered at the chosen pick up point across the island, a great way to save your time.

Safety is our number-one priority and our commitment to Child Safety. Choose from baby, toddler and booster seat.

If you need a vehicle to travel long distance or for road trip, unlimited mileage rentals is what you need for your next big adventure.

You won’t have to worry about getting lost on your vacation or trip, a GPS can recommend nearby places to visit and is guaranteed to get you where you want to go.

Put your mind at rest when renting a vehicle, Collision Damage Waiver provides protection cover in the event of a collision or damage.