Tips & Advices

General Information

Cars drive on the left hand side in Mauritius whilst priority is still for vehicles coming from the right. The motorway starts from the airport situated in the South east and ends in the North of the Island. All sign posts are of international standards.

City Driving

Traffic problems are likely during peak hours in city and towns.

Road Rules

Vehicles drive on the left hand side of the road, except when overtaking.

Driving Regulations

Minimum Age for Car Rental from Dodo Contract Cars Ltd – 21 years of age.

Driving License

Car Rental Mauritius requests a valid Driving licence (International Driving Permit) to hire a car in Mauritius.
Our car rental agency recommends that you have your license always on you while driving, spot checks are very common on our roads around the island.

Speed Limit

Motorways: 110kmh (68mph)
Open Roads: 60kmh (37mph)
Towns: 35kmh (21mph)

Alcohol Limit

50mg of alcohol in the bloodstream – not more than a can of beer.

Road Tolls

Not applicable

Traffic Violation Fines

Speed Limit should be respected specially in 40, 60 and 80KM speed zones
Use of seat belt is mandatory
Smoking is NOT allowed while driving with other passengers in the car

Traffic Light Regulations

Red: Stop
Amber: Stop or Slow Down if car can’t be stopped safely
Green: Go


Unleaded fuel and diesel are available in all petrol station. All our rental cars use unleaded fuel. Petrol stations are open everyday from 06 00 to 22 00 hrs. There is only two petrol stations operating 24/7 namely: Indian oil – Arsenal found on the motorway towards Grand Bay & Total filling station Beau Bassin situated in the centre town of Mauritius

Rush Hour in Built Up Areas

The busiest centre of the Island is the capital Port-Louis – 07 00 – 09 30 hrs & 15 30 – 18 30 hrs
Hence, we advise our clients if going towards the capital, Port Louis, in the morning better leave before 07 00 hrs or after 09 30 hrs to skip heavy traffic. To avoid the evening traffic on your way back towards the capital, we strongly advise to use the new motorway towards the south, starting from the Arsenal roundabout. Traffic is much easier during the weekend and public holidays. The Port Louis market is open till 12hr00 and the Caudan Waterfront parking is free on weekends and public holidays.

Parking Advice

Free parking is a rare commodity in towns – Otherwise parking fees are nominal by European standards – Caudan Waterfront parking is free on weekends and public holidays

Why hire a Car with us

Each 24 hour car rental comes with unlimited mileage, so you can explore as much as you can within one day.

Get your hire car delivered at the chosen pick up point across the island, a great way to save your time.

Safety is our number-one priority and our commitment to Child Safety. Choose from baby, toddler and booster seat.

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You won’t have to worry about getting lost on your vacation or trip, a GPS can recommend nearby places to visit and is guaranteed to get you where you want to go.

Put your mind at rest when renting a vehicle, Collision Damage Waiver provides protection cover in the event of a collision or damage.